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Adventures in Sawhorsing

For all the household and gardening projects we have going on, it's really beneficial to have a way to put up a work bench quickly when needed. What's easier than putting down two sawhorses and laying a sturdy piece of wood across the two?

All we need is more sawhorses! I figure you can never have too many sawhorses, but they can get bulky when you're not using them, so it was essential that they would be able to fold up when not in use. Or at the very least be stackable.

We found this very simple sawhorse build on YouTube. The design requires only straight cuts and you can build a pair of sawhorses from five 2x4s. It's helpful having two people during the building process if you don't have wood clamps, which we don't. They don't fold up, but they do stack beautifully.

With the cost of wood these days, getting a bunch of 2x4s for a random DIY project may not be the most cost effective way to create items, but I have so much fun building things, it was worth the cost.

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