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What is available?

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Who are we?

Bradbury Botanicals is here to give you a hand up on your path to resilience. We offer vegetable starts for your garden and herb starts for your apothecary. We create herbal products in order to inspire you to do the same and offer seeds and education to lead you on a path to find your answers in nature.


Jeremiah and Laura are the owners of Bradbury Botanicals, and we hope to help those who are re-discovering the wisdom of nature by growing your own food, growing your own medicine, and healing with plants. We have both been educated in herbalism in the Vitalist Tradition at Vital Ways in Portland, Oregon. Laura has also completed her studies in clinical herbalism at ACORN School of Herbal Medicine, including teachings from North American Institute of Medical Herbalism.

Join us for workshops where you can learn more about different gardening techniques and creating your own herbal products.

Events and product availability

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